My wife wants me to date

Well after talking to my wife today I find out that she wants me to find someone to date and like right now so I will get over her. I told her that I’m not ready to date anyone, she may be ready to get married to the OM but I’m not even looking. I don’t even want to right now, it’s over between us and I know that but I still have love for her and I’m not ready to try and date.

That wouldn’t be fair to the woman, if I did find someone to ask out. There would be little chance of us being together if I was just using her to get over my wife. Yes that may not be true I might find someone to be with but I think that under the circumstances it would be doomed to fail. What do you all think?

I think you should date when you are ready. Your wife or anyone else cannot make that decision for you. Do it when it feels right for you.

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Here’s what I think…either your wife wants you to date so it will alleviate her guilt of dating someone else or your wife wants you to date so she feels less guilty for hurting you by dating another person…if you can call what she’s doing dating…I dunno…can you really date a person in another country over the internet? In any event, her concern for you isn’t about you…it’s about her.You go at your own pace…if you feel like you aren’t ready to date, don’t date. You need to heal first, and you’re right…if you were to hop into a relationship with someone without healing properly, you would be hurting this other person…and it isn’t fair to them. Don’t be rushed into dating by anyone…not her, not your family, not your friends…not even by you. You will know when you are ready to date again…but first, I would at least start the process of divorce before you even consider dating anyways. Take things one day at a time. Good luck with this…keep us posted!

I agree with Greatdad. You should date when you are ready. It could be that she is trying to ease some of her guilt about moving on, but that is her issue not yours. You will know when the time is right.

You seem like an honorable person
allow time to heal you and start living for yourself
start doing things that make you happy.
We always talk about women losing themselves
So can guys.
And you have to start living for today and live.
We cant control who is love
But this is question that i ask myself
Is that person adding value to me?