My spouse decided for us to go to counseling for co habitat separation

Last night after support group, i spoke with my spouse and told him that we need to separate
He told me that he could not afford it and I said that we are going to have to go to counselling because we can not continue be at each other throat like the war of the roses
my 20 year old daughter get sad and his 8 year old granddaughter
He said okay
For co habitat under the same room while separated but not for reconcile
I need some one input please
I just feel stuck :persevere:

My husband doesnt know yet but i am going to be filing for divorce soon. Unfortunately, we were in separate bedrooms for a month but now he’s somehow weaseled his way back into the master bedroom. I can barely sleep at night and it’s been awful. Fortunately, i have a decent support network around and if need be, another bed to go sleep in if i have to. Being under the same roof is enough for him to crawl under my skin at this point. Try to spend as much time away from eachother as you can, and only see him at night, right before bed… if that’s possible. that’s what i’ve been doing. Seems to be helping me at least get to sleep.

Rachel I understand what you are going through. You will feel better once you leave. I will pray for your peace and that you find forgiveness in your heart for your spouse