My husband slapped me in the face!

He slap me! that ■■■■■■■ that i loved so much actually slap me across my face. i’m still in shock. he called earlier saying was coming over to get his cloths. i thought great maybe now we can talk. when he got here, he just went into the closet and started to grab cloths after cloths. i was trying to talk to him and beg for forgiveness. he yelled at me, saying i was a disgusting slut and deserve to be treated like a hore. i knew that was coming and i was willing to take it. but when i got in between him the the pile of cloths he was making on the sofa, he walked right up to me, called be a slut again and a useless bitch, then slap me across my face.

he just walked around me grabbed his cloths and left. i was to shock to do anything other than stand there like a stupid ass. i didn’t respond at all. in 7 years of marriage he never slap me in anger and i never hit him. we just never did that before. i just got done changing the locks on the door and taking the stuff he owns still in my apartment to the dumpster. i text him letting him know that his stuff is in the dumpster, locks have been change and if he ever bothers me again, i’ll call the police on him. he wants to file divorce monday?

bullshit, i also called out of work monday so i can file before him. ■■■■ him, i am wrong for having sex with his sister and i take full blame for that but no one hits me out of anger and keeps me. ■■■■ him, we are going to divorce at my request and if his sister wants me, fine. what ever i am, she can have me cause he will never touch me again. i’m so beside myself at him slapping me and walking off like it was nothing.

i should have kicked him in his manhood and brought him to his knees. it’s not like he ever used his manhood like a real man would have. so the damage wouldn’t of been a loss to any women. so i reget not kicking him. stupid s.o.b.