My Ex wants to ruin my life because he's already ruined his

I left my Ex because he was going down a path I would not follow. He was pissed off for me leaving him for his illegal and dangerous behaviors. I took all I could and when I felt like there was no other option I left him and filed for divorce. At first he didn’t care as long as I was out of the house.

Yes I left with pretty much nothing. He didn’t care until I started dating. I found a man who was caring and career driven, like myself. My ex started acting psychotic. He was breaking into my apartment, my car, texting me horrible things all day long. I finally got a restraining order but he kept breaking it. Thankfully the guy I am with is extremely understanding. His family turned on me also, for getting him arrested for threatening my life. How dare I protect myself? Then he had the nerve to go into divorce court asking me to pay his debts.

I left with nothing, nothing! I paid his debts time and time again while we were married. His father threatened my life and told me "I better do the right thing’. Now we are in court for his restraining order violations. He’s even tried ruining my career. I don’t know how much I can take before I snap myself. Thanks for listening.

Don’t you wish we could just shower them away? You are doing the right thing. It just isn’t what HE wants you to do. Whatever has worked for him in the past is no longer working, so he’s angry and acting out in different ways. An angry grown up’s temper tantrum. Hopefully you get some assistance through the courts for the order violations and it sounds like a restraining order is needed for his father as well. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree did it?So sorry for what you are going through… Hang in there, continue to post here for support and stay strong!

Don’t listen to him or his family. If his father threatened your life I hope you also got an RO against him. Sounds likes he and his dad are two peas in a pod. Keep hauling their @sses to court for RO violations. Eventually he’ll figure out he’s not bigger than the law. I also have a stbx who thinks he is and he got away with an awful lot, until I fired my attorney and hired my current attorney. It’s all about who has your back.Stay strong. Your stbx is a loon and you should watch your back. However, don’t be intimidated by his bahavior. Peace…

Keep following through with everything. Document everything. Do not let him push you.And, like Sweetpea said, WATCH YOUR BACK. Take all the necessary precautions you need in order to protect yourself. Because people like him are capable of murder. So be careful.