Making Relationship (2nd Marriage) A Priority

So Confused.

I have been married for over 10 years, 2nd marriage for both of us. During this time - My husband slowly ‘de prioritize’ our relationship and marriage as a result of the next crisis, another work issue, forgotten appointments, his children’s sporting events…

Over four years ago I recognized this trend and brought it to his attention. He agreed and promised to keep our relationship and marriage as his number 1 priority. He has not been able to keep the promised, even a little bit, even with therapy.

Now I find myself living a bad version of groundhog day - disappointed, mad, hurt, frustrated, defeated - For some reason I think THIS TIME he will keep his promise, this is the time he won’t be late, this time he really will pay the bill.

I love him but can’t handle the up and downs that come with him. Any suggestions and/or insight - I can’t imagine another ten years of this ‘toxic’ relationship

Have you sought help on your own from a therapist?

Here is my down and dirty thots…he’s prepping himself for the end of the marriage.

Don’t know how old the kids are…

ANOTHER WORK ISSUE??? REALLY??? Is he the PRESIDENT of a country??

Thanks for your thoughts. His children are in their 30’s with one in his 6th year of college. I am currently seeing a therapist myself and we both go to marriage counseling. In is in real estate, nothing earth shattering. He has indicated the issues are in his head, agrees with the marriage counselors recommendation BUT can’t seem to execute the plan.

Agree to deflect confrontations…

I did the same thing.

It’s good you are seeing someone yourself…what is their recommendation for you?

I guess the question is…how long can you see yourself beating your head against the wall?

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