In the recent past was told by a women whom I was dating for 3 months she was not interested in a committed relationship, that she just wasn’t in the same place as me to continue the relationship…this was quite different from what she had told me earlier tho. Me thinks she was just lonely for a time and needed a dating buddy.
I was ok with that…let’s take it slow, Her words. It cut me deep.

I tried to deal with it and move on. But find myself hurting more now then when she said goodbye.

So I started to journal my emotions/feelings/anger.
It has greatly helped…much like someone that died suddenly before a disagreement was settled.

Once I started writing it felt good to put those issues down on paper.

Maybe when I fill the notebook…I will fill it with holes and then burn it.

Good for you! Journaling not only helps you to get your feelings out, but it helps you to organize your thoughts as much as move on from the current situation. And I couldn’t agree more with your last comment on burn it afterward. I would. It is like you are wiping your hands with the situation and moving on to the next chapter. As I read this it gave me the biggest smile. It relates to what I just finished telling my daughter. I picked her up from her dad’s house and she was not herself. When I asked her what was wrong she started crying and yelling about all the wrong things that happened this weekend while at her dad’s. I hugged her and told her it will be okay and I told her to hop in the shower and let the shower erase the bad away. I turned on the shower for her and laid out her towel. After she got out she came into the kitchen and gave me a big hug. The shower helped her to adjust herself and move on from the experience so now she is more like the happy go lucky girl I adore! We all need to be able to vent and find a way to let go or move on from experiences and your journal will help you with all of it! (However if your still in the divorce don’t forget to keep a separate notebook and journal issues and keep it for your attorney)

Thank you.
I now wish I had dated all of the writings…cause it’s been about 3 weeks since I stopped.
It seemed to gush out of me like pulling a finger from a hole in a damn…but now it’s kinda stopped.

I still carry around the journal tho. Just in case there is a need.

What it has done is show me a pattern to why I was hurt so deep…part my fault by putting too much into it but also her fault for things she said.
Would I take her back…can’t say no but can’t say yes that fast either. BUT I don’t expect her to come back.
Her pride is to big…even tho she says she isn’t prideful.

I hear you, bro. I think we unfortunately have mirrored our post marriage lives. You hit the nail on the head by saying that you might’ve put too much into it. I fell hard for someone I dated and committed to that said many wonderful things. We were on the same page and agreed to take moving in together slow until the kids were older so we didn’t disrupt their lives, etc. Then one day all bets were off. I wasn’t making any moves or plans for us to merge and there was no way she’d move in with me unless her name was on the deed too. This had me take a couple steps back. She wasn’t able to bring anything to the table financially but wanted to be on the deed? I kinda get i cuz if things didn’t work, she’d have no back up plan. So I said what’s the hurry right now? It would be a nonissue if she saved up a little or if we decided to marry. But my shields went up and never dropped until she forced me out so she could get wuth her now boss. I’m three years out and 60% over her. Ok, done venting.

What happened to the autocorrect on my typing? Yikes!!!

3 yrs!!! WOW…narcissists have a way of making you feel good but then tearing you done to agree with them.
I understand completely.