Job Hunting and haven't worked in twenty years

I am over 50 & separated. I am wondering if there is anyone out there like myself - A stay-at-home Mom who has not worked in many years. How were you able to get a job and where did you start in your search? Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

In addition to what spaz said, check out your state’s employment/unemployment services. Many have services for displaced homemakers - which is what you are.In my case, permanent alimony didn’t happen, as I was working, making enough money to support myself, even though I was making about half of what my ex did. I moved to follow my ex’s career, setting aside my career goals to do so. I stayed home with the kids until they were of school age. I did it of my own free will, so no alimony. It happens. We’re here for you.

Hey deborah, Welcome to D360, sorry you had to find us but glad you did…In regard to your question, honestly, I’m not so sure that scurrying to find a job right now is the right thing to be doing. Do you have an attorney? Do you have useable proof of his infidelity?You were married over 20 years - considering the fact you pretty much gave up your career to support his - you are eligible for PERMANENT spousal support PLUS money to get some education & enough to support yourself until you have gotten the education you need - this, really, is what you are going to want to pursue - at the very least getting computer classes to get yourself somewhat competitive in the entry level job market. My suggestion to you is to go to a temp agency, let them know you haven’t worked in 20 years and ask if they do testing to see where your skills are and what education you might need - then go from there. Considering your age, and how long you have been out of work - if you don’t first get yourself competitive in the market - your only real option will be thank you for coming to wal-mart can I get you a cart…and you are worth more than that. What, ultimately, would you like to be doing??

(pardon grammar, using a cell), i hope you get some good replies. i am 10 yrs your jr, and haven’t worked for about 2 and a half yrs and i am petrified about being able to find sustainable work for a decent pay! best of luck to you;)