Jealous of all of you

I am single. What I wouldn’t give to have just an ounce of a loving man in a marriage that needs sex.
I’m divorced for other reasons but sex wasn’t one of them. My ex left for his ex.
Good riddance. But I’m 64+ and sexually vibrant. I realize health can play an issue but these men seem to adore their wives if only they could have just intimacy.

Men after a certain age LOSE their sexual stamina…and that can really frustrate them, maybe embarrass them also.
I’m 66 guy and have a good sex drive. MAYBE because I didn’t abuse my body with drinking/drugs at a younger age…who knows.
Women also loose their sex drive…but for them I feel that they just chalk it up to age and move on…but guys have a hard time ( no pun intended ) letting go.