Is it good to have no sex after marriage in first year of marriage

I got married before 9 months and now i am 33 age. It was a arrange marriage though from my side and he proposed me after knowing me form 6 months. I cross verified his personal life and found he was having earlier one affair for 6 months but he didnt go for that as girl refused. He was under depression for 6 months and then when our proposal came into his life he started talking to me and then asked for marriage.
I took sometime checked all background and he said me clear on his affair too.

He is a simple guy and he promised he wil be mine forever. I married but now i didnt have sex from the day 1 till date if marriage. Initially i took time as i wanted a bit time to get closer but he is not that interested in sex. He loves me , pampers me like kid, Life is good and m happy. but he is physical with me but no sex.

Its almost 9 months and now i feel something is wrong. When ever we speak on this matter he says donot worry we have time. But i dnt find that interestd.

Plz suggest what to do because even my friends says its wrong and going to affect my marriage life.