International Custody Question: US vs. Canada

I have been divorced for 1 year now. I technically have “joint custody” of my kids though they reside with me since my ex moved to Canada last summer. My ex is applying for Canadian citizenship for my kids, apparently they don’t ask for my signature or he forged it, not sure which.

My son is telling me now that his father plans to sue me in Canadian court for citizenship as soon as the citizenship comes in. My ex really has no grounds other than petty stuff that he will exaggerate to make me sound bad. I have stuff on him too. But can he go to Canadian court to sue me for custody?

the tickets aren’t child support…you need to RUN to your attorney and get a new visitation filed as well as contempt on the child support. DO NOT send the kids there anymore until there is a valid order in place that secures your rights…you are establishing a status quo you do not want to let take over. If he won’t agree to a schedule, don’t bicker over it and waste your retainer…bring it in front of the judge. I would also suggest that in your new order…counseling for the kids becomes MANDATORY. They are going to need it

Hang in there - spaz has been busy lately. She will get to you as soon as she can. I’d wait for her response on this.Meanwhile, let him go to court - when you hear from the folks there, take his threats seriously.We’re here for you.

As has been said, wait on Spaz for the legal stuff, but here are a few things for you that aren’t legal. First off, unless and until you are given official papers from the Canadian government pertaining to citizenship, I would just ignore. If he DID forge your name, the papers are invalid and the U.S. Government will back your claim any day. Same for him suing for custody. There has to be a compelling reason, not just BS he makes up. I sincerely doubt that any U.S. judge is going to just let him take the kids and make them citizens of a foreign country just because he wants to. Next off, he has absolutely no business telling your kids that he’s going to be doing anything of the sort. THAT, if you can prove it, is him trying to alienate the kids from you. Judges don’t like that very much either. If you are sincerely concerned that this jackwagon ex of yours is doing some kind of illegal paper shuffle with your kids citizenship, do some on-line research and ASK the Canadian government about it. Believe it or not, with the exception of a few folks I’ve met from Quebec, Canadians seem to be pretty decent and up-front folks. So it couldn’t hurt, ya know? Even if he DOES somehow manage to get the Canadians to grant citizenship to your minor children, you will still have U.S. law on your side. And it’s not like Canada can just send a couple of Mounties into the U.S. to take your kids from you, ok?Wait on Spaz, but I think he’s mostly hot air.Zen Hugs