How to introduce ex to new boyfriend

So my ex did it totally wrong, but I am wondering how do I introduce a new man in my life to my ex? There isn’t one at the moment, but after being divorced for 6 years, I think I am ready to meet someone new. It is totally clear to me, that I only want to introduce my kids to “the right guy” and not everyone I meet.

If I meet someone special, should I have him meet the kids and then have the kids tell their Dad whatever they want and go from there? Or do I tell the ex first? I am not planning on asking for his advice or opinion, but I am thinking of doing the right thing regardless of how he did it. See -

That is #2, with #1 he denied everything until I found out from the school that they were claiming that she lived with him in order to get her daughter into the school district. Even though he filed for divorce and is on his second girlfriend, I don’t expect him to just deal with normally. Thoughts anyone? I’d especially like to hear the men’s perspective on this…

Let it bother him. Don’t worry about what he thinks. I know you want to do the right thing… but in this case- that’s not an issue. I’d only introduce them if y’all happen to be somewhere at the same time and the kids are around. Other than that- screw the ex!

I don’t understand why you would want to introduce anyone to him. I know you want to do the right thing–but in this case, unless they are going to interact on a regular basis, there is no need.

Do the right thing? Um, huh? I’m with Iam. There is no need to introduce them unless you think they are gonna be bestest buddies and hand out and stuff, so why would you be with someone like that anyway? There is no right thing here. Not for the ex. It’s none of his fricking business who you are seeing unless you leave the kids alone with him. Zen Hugs