How soon is too soon to introduce new girlfriend to kids?

my divorce was finalized on 14th july 2009, which was also my ex-spouse first date with his new girlfriend, he introduced my kids to her after 3 dates and thinks it is ok. He also invited her to a family party. He promised me that he would never introduce our kids to anybody he wasn’t in a serious relationship with or had been seeing for at least 6 months.

I cannot get over this I feel devastated and scared for my kids as he thinks this behaviour is ok. also, the woman only moved out of her marital home from her husband 5 weeks ago and has yet to begin divorce proceedings, Any thoughts???

LOL~ this is hilarious~ I am not really laughing sorry for that ~but my stbx just filed at the beginning of July next week introduced the OW to the kids and the week after moved her into the formal marital home with her kids. She is at all visitations~sleeps with him every night when my kids are over there at visitation now is meeting all my kids friends at my thier school~ uh there is no scruples with this guy or his new HB~ and apparently in the court nothing they can do about it~ morality isnt really an issue~APPARENTLY!

It’s way to soon for him to be introducing her to your children. Three dates? He barely knows her himself. Of course, the next issue (for me at least) would be that she herself is married with no divorce proceedings in the works.Tacky.

It’s too soon. My ex did this with his gf and it was horrible because all it did was confuse my kids. Mine basically did what yours did and introduced her not more than a month after he started seeing her, moved in with her 2 months after that so you can imagine what visitation was like. Turns out this girl has just as many issues as my ex and there have been domestic violence problems in their relationship. You don’t know someone after just 3 dates I’m sorry. Really there’s little you can do about it. I mean you guys are divorced and you can’t control who he brings around your kids. People told me that when I was where you are earlier this year. Unless she’s an actual danger for your kids to be around there isn’t anything you can do. Yeah it hurts and yeah he’s a moron but wait it out I’m telling you karma will get him 3 fold…

My husband moved out 5 days later moved a 25yr old girlfriend in and 1 month later our divorce is final its been 2 days and he is introducing our 10 yr old daughter my 21 yr old son refused to go as did my 15 yr old son anyone know how this will affect her my kids knpw shes been living with him