Help! Should I divorce a cheating husband when I have no money, no job :(

I am in a huge mess! I have been married for 15yrs. He has cheated on me in the past but I forgave him. He took job in another city so we have been living apart for 6months waiting for house to sell and kids to finish school.

I was working one day a week as a nurse but have quit my job to move with him.I stay at home with kids rest of week. We just sold our house and bought a house in new city. I am moving this week. But just found out yesterday that he has been screwing an old girlfriend since Jan!

I wish I would have known before I sold my house last month, quit my job and bought a new house! Since he has cheated in past, I know he will cheat again. Help!

I want you to think about something…your kids…How, exactly, will it impact them moving to another city, away from their friends and peer support, to then find out their parents are getting divorced? A major move from what they know is hard enough…to move, deal with a divorce and mom not being around much having to work full time?Kinda thinking you are possibly preparing a recipe for disaster in regard to your children’s mental health and welfare…unless you feel you have incredibly resilient kids…Might want to think some more on this and consult an attorney on your options…

Nurse, read my response to another of your posts for a more complete answer. I stayed and got everything together. I did not go until I had a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath house with a garage to move into. I had a great attorney who let me know I do NOT have to settle for living in a dive apartment above some bar in a bad neighborhood just because the ex thinks I don’t deserve part of his paycheck. Too frickin’ bad.Look, you know what I hear behind your uncertainty? FEAR. We all have it. We all hate it. Fear is at the root of our willing to accept a spouse who cheats or drinks or abuses us. FEAR is why you tolerate a man who fucks other women and then comes home and wants to have sex with you. You are afraid of being alone, of being unloved, of living in poverty, of letting your kids down…I know, because I have been there.Tap into your anger, girlfriend. GET YOUR MAD ON. Like my momma always said, you are too fat to be a rug! Then use that anger to fuel your exit. As long as you are uncertain, he will use this against you, trying to get you to accept the status quo so he can go on screwing around. Get mad and get an attorney. And then make him pay for what he did. What you do now will affect the rest of your life. Divorce, as Julie says, is all about the Benjamins (the ones on the $100 bill). If you accept less than you should, you will never get the chance to get more. So put on your big girl panties and go whack a few baseballs, picturing his privates with every swing.

The first thing is to decide if YOU want your children to live in the new city or stay where they are.Regardless of the fact that you bought a house in the new place, you don’t have to move. You can rent a place in your current location (stay in the same school district). You can go back to your employer and see if you can get your job back, possibly more hours. Or find another job full-time.If you bought the new house for cash, it can be sold or HE can take out a mortgage to pay YOU for half of it.