He gave me HPV which led to cancer

6 months after my husband demanded I leave our home because he wanted a divorce, I was diagnosed with an HPV-related cancer.

In 15 years of marriage, I’d never cheated and hadn’t been with anyone after moving out of our home. I know he’d been cheating on me. All the signs were there, but I just ignored them. Changing his phone to his own account, buying all new (black) underwear and new clothes, out with “friends” all the time.

Now I’m facing cancer treatments and an uncertain future. Will this make a difference in my divorce settlement? I live in Pennsylvania.

Sadly - it will be difficult for you to prove that you got the HPV from him … and that alone is going to suck even trying. Focus on yourself and getting well … leave the negativity and stay positive for yourself and all will fall into place.

My ex gave me an std, and I wanted soooo badly to sue him. For 25 yrs, there was no one but him. and my lawyer told me: He said, she said. Unfortunately, you can’t prove it. So, yes, please concentrate on getting well.

I’m assuming that you’ve been going for your yearly gyn checkups and that your HPV was found by routine pap smear. As far as I know, this does not require chemotherapy by other therapies, like colposcopy. Concentrate on getting well. Your stbx gave you a great reason for no longer wanting to be with him.