He cheated with a 19yo stripper and wants me to stay with him and forget about it

I am so confused and need advice. My husband cheated on me with a 19 yo stripper and now wants our marriage to work and this is not the first time he has cheated on me and I have been very patiece bc he suffers from bioplar disorder and always thought that the illness has a lot to do with this that if he was not ill he would not cheat but I am realizing now that that is not the case that I was just kidding myself and he is a cheater, I want to leave I can’t stay with him anymore even thou I love him very much, I just can’t let go of this last one.

He is going thrue a very hard manic episode right now and one day he tells me he loves me and the next he says that he cant do it anymore that he wants a divorce then the next is I am so sorry I love you so much I can’t be without you guys (we have three kids) it’s driving me crazy I just want to leave but I am afraid that if I leave he will really loose it and go crazy so I want to stay until he gets better and can keep a routine with his medicine and doctor but right now it’s so hard for me I don’t know what to do I feel sick I am so stress and my head hurts almost everyday I am trying to do my best to help him but i NEED TO HELP MY SELF BEFORE I CAN CONTINUE HELPING HIM I KNOW THAT BUT DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START.

Should I just leave with my kids and forget about him? or just wait for him to get better and then leave? I just don’t know what to do. I know I could not be with him anymore the pain and hurt he has caused me it’s just to much to handle the best thing for me and him it’s for me to leave even with all the love I have for him the pain is too much.

It sounds like you want to leave, if so, start preparing…seek a therapist for you, see your doctor, you speak of pain and your anger shows…If he will not get help then this cycle will keep continuing and do you really want to live the rest of your life in this way??My heart goes out to you and we will be here so keep posting…great insight from others here, I know for I have experienced it…take care of you and your children…take steps necessary for you to move forward in how you want your life to be from now on…HUGS to you!!

I have learned from my experience once you forgive and stay. You will stay and continue to forgive always! ONce they seem to find it easy to cheat and lie, they will continue to do so. Its ultimately up to you and how you feel. You can love him with all your body and soul but that does not change anyone or their actions. Think wisely and slowly. But dont stay until the last straw has been drawn.