Have I made a mistake?

Moved out of my house yesterday. (55M). She was surprised. We hadn’t spoken to each other in weeks except for brief words.

Married 21 years, together 25. Two kids, one in university one in high school.

Happy enough together, I guess, but felt more like friends with benefits. No real intimacy, no kissing or cuddling. A minute after the act she was on her cell phone. In the last five or six years, we had one holiday together. With kids.

This is the first time I left, not the first time we’ve had this issue. I always said it was lack of sex (twice a week since our last ‘talk’ a couple of years ago, but it feels like she’s doing a chore), but recently realized it was lack of intimacy. Even after three weeks of no real talking, she didn’t ask what was wrong. I didn’t say.

Wondering what the f*ck I just did. All I want to do is take back what I did and move home.

Daddy go home. I am in the same boat as you. I am 26 female with 2 kids been married for 5years, my husband left home 24 December til today he is not home. I have begged him several times that if we had issues he must sit me down we address it but he doesn’t. I tried to do it but I failed as he would tell me I am talking alone", so I decided to keep quiet unfortunately it has been affecting me and as a result affecting my affection to him “intimate” I called him today to ask when is he coming back home and the answer was “when I want to come I will come” so I suggest go home you sit down with your wife and solve your problem. If you can also go for counselling together. All the best

I’m back home. Counselling starts next week.

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