Has anyone had revenge sex after an affair? if so how did you feel afterward better or worse?

Having a hard time getting past my wife having sex with another man. I’m having thoughts of cheating to settle to score. Would this help me move on or make me feel worse. I know it could cause the end or termoil if I got caught. It was just a thought

Revenge sex is for young , immature boys–not men.

I agree, its all bad. Two wrongs dont make a right. You should strive to be a better person. No matter what you do, you will still have to live and cope with what has already been done. Ultimately you have to look at yourself in the mirror everyday.

I agree with two posters - Nobody ever regretted doing the right thing, and counseling can help you deal with your feelings in a more efficient way.There’s also the issue of collateral damage - I know you’re angry with your wife, but how are you going to feel about using an innocent woman to get revenge?Grandma used to tell us, ‘Vengeance is mine,’ sayeth the Lord, and he has more at His disposal than you can ever dream of. It’s worked for me.

Revenge sex just pulls someone else into your war only to get injured. Think with the head that contains a brain.