Grand kids Pics

When I am searching a dating site to find someone to date what a real turn-off to me are pics with that have the grand-kids in all of the profile pics.

If you have it listed that you have kids, I just suppose that you have grand kids.
And one day I may meet them.
BUT…to include them in your profile pics, maybe you have 3 pic and 2/3 are of just the kids, for me just makes me wonder if that is all your life is about?

NOTHING wrong with loving your family!!!
But I am looking for YOU and will find out later the other aspects of you.
BUT at the start…I guess I want to just see a pic of you.

I am putting this out here as a discussion topic.
Maybe it goes the other way also.

I think it’s just showing family values or that it is the only pictures taken that are recent. The ones that get me are the group shots where you don’t know who to look for!

I agree on the last point!!!

Well I know that they have values and that family is important.
But, I dated someone that would rather at times talk about her grand-kids then US!!!

I mean if being a grandparent is your identity…then know that dating may not go together.
To me it’s just that I want to date the women…not the whole family.

They are a package deal, usually.

I fully understand that…but for ME it’s a big turn off.