Going Steady

IS this still a thing?
It was for me back in the day.

I’ve heard women say they are dating someone but it isn’t serious…is that the same?

Yes there is. After a divorce sometimes people start dating. Going out with someone to movies, dinners, dates… Maybe even with several people. Feeling out the waters and getting to know the personality of those involved. Casual dating. If things move to the next level and they feel confident in their compatibility, then they start a relationship. If they are in a relationship, then it becomes serious.

When I’ve brought up that idea of going steady…some seemed to back off…like I was asking for a commitment.
Well I am NOT into being that guy you call when YOUR time is available or if you feel lonely or horny.
I want to be the guy that you go to when you have free time…someone you want to spend time with. That is going steady to me.