Found out after his death

hello. my husband died two months ago from cancer at 70. we were married for 38 years with two grown up children, a month after his death i found out that he had been cheating on me for almost all our married life, the last 16 years have been all documented and i found that there were dozens of women, from prostitutes to longer term mistresses to facebook friends to dating sites and so on. I am devastated. unable to function. I had nursed him through his illness for the last 1.5 years and he never told me anything not a single forgive me. he was a monster and i feel so cheap and cheated and old.

so sorry went through the same sort of thing. My husband was gone almost 3 years when a mysterious text was found on my daughters phone from some womens daughter. The text itself was 2 years old. It said my her mother who was also deceased and her dad my husbnd were seeing each other since 2001. although because of his illness it was mostly online and phone. REading this text put me on a search. I also found out he was on dating sites emailing and lying to women all over the place. He had a very bad dark side and low self esteem I realize now. He also had problems sexually. Seeing a therapist helps but the betrayal you feel I truly understand.