Ex’s Boyfriend

So I struggle with trust - Basically I don’t trust anyone since being baldy burned by friends and an ex.

I’m having conflicting feelings around my gf and her ex.
Basically they dated briefly and have stayed good friends and regularly chat.

Her ex has a new born with his current partner which my gf went to see.
That made me feel a little weird.
I made a joke to her over messenger (fail) which she didn’t find funny and although we didn’t exactly row we spent last night apart.
We picked the chat this afternoon and she said she was ‘on a massive downer’ after seen her ex’s baby and sniped at me.

So I don’t know how to feel about this. Really it doesn’t and shouldn’t bother me. But……trust issues.
Is she on a downer cos it’s not her baby with him?
My feelings are swinging wildly as only a Gemini can I suppose. :joy: