Ex-husbands new girlfriend is crazy

Last night I took my daughter to her soccer game. It was not her fathers visitation night - and he was out of town. However, his live in girlfriend showed up with her kids and mother. She stood behind me talking LOUDLY about me so I asked her to stop or to move where no one else could hear her. She told me it was a free country and she could stand where she wanted and if I didn’t like it I could move.

So I did and she followed me. I told her that it was my night to have my daughter and that since my ex was not even present she needed to stay away from my daughter. When the game was over I picked my daughter in my arms and tried to leave the field when the girlfriend tried to get her out of my arms. I got away from her but she continued to follow me to my car screaming at me and calling me names - we got to my car and locked the doors - and she knocked on my windows still continuing to yell at me.

What are my rights now? What would any of you do? Do I have any legal rights here?

I would discuss the incident with my ex and let him know my concerns after I had discussed what I could do with the local police. your child shouldn’t have to witness scenes like that. If it happened again I would call the police and see about getting a restraining order against her. The restraining order would not effect her seeing your daughter but would document her stalking and harrassing you.

A restraining order may prevent her from seeing your daughter, however, I know that in the state of Colorado, there has to be a definate threat made in order for a restraining order to be upheld. I have a similar situation, only I’m the new wife. My husband’s ex-wife is crazy, would barge into our home screaming obscenities, and making threats. When the police were contacted, they advised us to lock our doors so that she couldn’t let herself in… not much help. In addition, though she did make threats to physically harm me (in front of my small children), because I couldn’t prove it, my case was dropped.Good luck, and I totally feel for you! Hopefully you’ll be able to talk to your ex and he will be able to help calm her down (or, best case scenario, see how crazy she is and run for the hills!)

Wow! In this day and age, I can’t believe that something can’t be done to stop this type of situation - especially since there is a child involved. Many times law enforcement won’t get involved if the conflict is between two adults…however - if a minor child is involved, or caught in the middle, all bets are off. I believe that you should definitely seek a restraining order, and when the case goes up before the judge, make sure you detail the situation and emphasize your fear that your daughter will come to harm if this woman is allowed to have contact with you. I have my own (not-so-nice) opinion about a man (ex or otherwise) who would allow his child to be involved in any negative situations…but I’m sure you do too. Please don’t allow the ‘authorities’ to make it seem as if something ‘bad’ has to happen before they will get involved: it is simply not true - and I had to find this out on my own - the hard way. You are in the right here - please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.