Ex Harassing/Defaming Me, Family, Friends and Threatening Lawsuits

Hello. I have about a 2 month long story here, but here is the summary in which I am looking for advice.

For 2 months now my ex has been harassing me, my family and any friends that won’t “side” with her. She has been defaming me and saying ludicrous things. Contacting me via personal email, work email, Facebook and hang up phone calls at any hour. She is essentially cyber stalking and was trying to access my personal online accounts.

She’s also threatening to sue me claiming I forged divorce documents, which I did not do. Everyone under her attack sees that she is nuts. What can I do?

Bottom line is that is very expensive and difficult to prove slander and harassment but there are many things you can do to protect yourself and gain some distance. It sucks but it’s part of dealing with unhinged people.

I found out that all I need to do is send the word ■■■■ in an email to him at work and his work mail filter blocked my address. He could no longer send me emails from his work. Try it!

Hi, ex-wife to a crazy ex-husband here. Been divorced for 7 years, two kids. At the beginning, I wasted a lot of energy worrying about and trying to explain to everyone how crazy he was, with the result of making myself look crazy. A sad fact of divorce is that noone wants to get involved with a he said, she said scenario. Now that I’ve dealt with this for a while, I have come to realize that if I build my own relationships and just let him talk, he proves the point (that he is crazy) on his own, shooting himself in the foot. It takes a lot of patience to learn not to let every email, every text and every communication make your blood boil. Never react on emotion, you never need to respond right away, let it sit for a bit, think about whether a response is needed at all, and then just state facts. You need to become technologically saavy. You can block people on Facebook, and this is probably the most effective privacy setting on Facebook, you become invisible to them, and them to you. This even works if you have mutual friends, for example your kids. If you post on their page, and you have blocked your ex-wife, she can’t see it. She can’t post on your FB either. We are here for you.

My ex hacked my iCloud account and is using it to access my fiancé email and our pictures and videos. He sends emails that are full out lies and has even made a fake phone account to send himself text messages saying they are from me. Is there anything I can do to stop this. My fiancé and I are 5 weeks pregnant and He is putting a strain on my relationship with my fiancé.