Does Cheating Trump Prenup

I suspect my husband is cheating, and I’m gathering as much evidence as I can before I hire an investigator.

My question is–we have been married 5 yrs. (2nd marriages for both of us)–we have a prenuptual agreement. If I can prove infidility…will I be entitled to more assets than are outlined in the prenup?

I think it depends of what your agreement says.If cheating is proven then the prenup is void?Good question, find out and post please.

I’m with illana on this one - if it wasn’t addressed in the prenup, you’ll get what’s outlined in the prenup. Thanks for the heads up on what should be included should I decide to take the plunge again!

My first guess would be no. Read the prenup. If it does not mention anything about adultery nullifying the contract, then adultery would not nullify the contract. You have a relatively short-term marriage. Even if you nullify the prenup, you would likely be entitled to only 50% of the increase of the value of assets over the last 5 years, not 50% of the whole asset.Laws vary by state, but before you spend thousands on a PI, you want to know if the evidence will get you anything in court.