Constant harassing text msg's and verbal abuse

Look for some advice…My Wife and I are still living in the same house with our 2 kids. It’s been 4 months since I told her I wanted a divorce and both of our lawyers are telling us to stay in the home. This has been by far the most trying thing in my entire life.

At least 3-4 days per week my wife is either sending negative and harassing text messages as well as falsely accusing me of pretty much anything you can think of. I have been the bigger person on most all occasions and either have not responded to her or have left for the night.

Anyway to get this to stop or at least subside??? Any advice regarding this?? Thanks in advance!

The first thing anyone needs to do in order to get another person to stop a behavior is to let them know what it is and what you expect in the future. In your case, a certified, return receipt letter to her should suffice. Include a copy of your bill details that shows that she’s been out of line. Do print out the texts and file them in a safe place. Make a copy for your attorney and hers. The general rule is one contact a day regarding the children. While you’re waiting to see what her response is, look up the laws regarding harassment that apply in your state. If she has broken the law or made terroristic threats, talk to the police. Texting or leaving voicemails to the effect that you’re a scurvy dog for divorcing/staying in the house is unpleasant, but legal. Telling you that you’ll not see your kids after the divorce is skating on thin ice, as far as family court is concerned. Threatening to bust the windows out your car isn’t nice, threatening to cut your brake lines is likely over the line, threatening to cut your throat while you sleep is definitely over the line.There’s a technique we call radio silence that works. It takes some patience and persistence. If you’re not doing it start now. You respond to one contact per day, only about the kids. If anything else is mentioned, you end the conversation. Politely is nice, but you can stop without saying or typing a word. If she contacts you again, unless you’ve asked or there’s an ongoing issue that warrants multiple contacts in a day (like someone’s in the hospital), you do not respond. Her behavior may escalate, but when she’s sure that you’re not going to respond to other topics she will stop. You can give her fair warning that you’re going to start doin

One more thing - if she’s denigrating you, talking about how horrid life with Dad will be, or making accusations within earshot of the kids, talk to your attorney about her behavior int he context of parental alienation. It’s something judges frown upon, and they will take action to prevent it.We’re here for you.