Since my separation and divorce I’ve been wondering about love.
What it is.
If you read the Bible love is talked about. And I agree with it.

BUT…there is one thing that jumped out at me about what love is from that section.
That love is NOT PASSIVE.
That love is action.

So I guess what I have evolved to is that what I am seeking is to be IN love with my partner. That the word IN is an adverb to the word love.


I believe it is an emotion that signifies a caring for someone which is much stronger than just liking. In the context you are examining, it is an action yet I believe this action is often misrepresented lust or a manipulation to gain one sided benefit . There are many types of love. There is unconditional love between a parent and child, or God and mankind. There is the bonding of a close and trusted friend. There is the security and safety aspects of love. But the love we all strive for is elusive and, I believe, fleeting. If it truly happens, it changes with time. Love represents the willingness to knock down barriers and to try to intermingle one’s life with another. It leaves you vulnerable yet, if successful, can be fulfilling and beneficial to the parties involved. I haven’t been to the last version so I recuse myself as jaded.

I was dating someone and got kicked to the curb. BUT I was finding that the love I was feeling for her was different that what I experience with my previous 2 wives.
The previous 2, I was holding back not wanting to be all in. But with this one…I was ready willing able.

I hear you. The last LTR I was in was the same way. I unfortunately met her before she was ready for the type of relationship I had finally thought I had found. I went all in until the past hurts had her questioning everything and doubting my intentions and sincerity. 3 years and 3 months later, I walked away from the one I loved more than any other. I’m on year three of going it alone. She still haunts me but it’s gotten better. I’m almost ready to try again to give it a go, I just don’t want to foul the waters for someone else with any carry over feelings. Start fresh and armed only with lessons learned, not nasty baggage!

The one I wanted could not let go of what her ex did to her mentally/emotionally. PLUS i think at a young age she was abused.
But that being sad she never went to therapy. So when I would do something that I believe a couple should do…say KISS each other when they meet she was against that…to her it was to intimate a gesture??? Only do that when sex is part of the relationship???
She had trust issues that she brought forward to our time. Did not leave them when the ex.

Yeah…I’ve thot about sending her a card saying something stupid. Thinking she feels bad for hurting me and now really wants me back but that I would reject her…so I WILL BE THE ONE to hold out an olive branch…only I am sure it will get snapped in 2.