Are Flowers a Rule after Sex?

After you have sex for the first time with a new man, are flowers a rule – meaning should a man send them to you?

wow, it’s pretty obvious i’m alone here on this one. really?normally the folks on this site would sway my thinking on issues, but i’m going to stand firm on this one.68% of you voted no. i’m shocked by this. and pretty sad too. come on guys, it’s just flowers. you don’t even have to speak - no need to be tongue-tied or nervous about what to say the next morning. just send flowers. so much easier.chivalry should not be dead.

Never thought about that one. Had to laugh. I guess a few guys owe me some flowers! Should I track them down and let them know?

I wouldnt want flowers after sex. Maybe before would be nice. After, I am happy with … maybe some conversation? Not the serious kind but the intimate relaxed joking banter that shows he still sees me as a person he wants to spend his time on. Something meaningfull but not full of to many promises I guess I would say. As much as I love to get flowers (red & white roses) lol Flowers have become quick and impersonal. Sleep with some one and realize you are not interested but cant let them down easy…send flowers and change phone number. Nope, after sex, I want some time and attention. Keep the flowers and overly mushy sentimental cards. Call me and say something silly to make me laugh. Let me know I am in your thoughts, that means much much more to me.