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Hi, I met my wife 4 years ago or so, she was in an abusive relationship but we clicked, timing was wrong…we lost contact but bumped into each other about 2 years later, she had ended her relationship so one thing led to another, we went on dates and we got together, eventually I moved in with her, all was good and I asked her to marry me, she said yes, she not ever being married before, me yes, we spent over 2 years planning and organising our wedding, very happy times, we were so in love .
The wedding arrived, beautiful day, honeymoon again wonderful, returned from honeymoon, soon after she started to change and find fault with me, the way I ate, the way I wouldn’t always hear what she was saying, petty things, saying she felt exhausted, suffocated and tired, I suggested she may be depressed or something! Big mistake, she asked me to leave and no matter how I pleaded she wouldn’t relent and I left after she changed the locks of our home, I’m now living in a place of my own, I was texting her every day pleading to her to talk to me but would never answer me, I’ve been separated 5 months now, she’s moved so no idea where she is, she’s blocked me and my family and friends from FB so I can’t contact that way, it’s lije she’s erased me from her life! I’m so sad, I cry a lot and feel lost without her, I don’t understand what I did wrong, I work hard, I’m kind, just can’t fathom out what went wrong, I’m waiting for her but how long do I wait? Should I move on?

I am not sure I am in the right place? I have had to literally separate myself from my husband these past few days. I have a long story, but do not want to take up to much space as of yet. Our marriage is 3.5 years old. We had already had kids so it was combined, There were red flags, but I ignored them. His family loved me, but mine did not like him(it was his general attitude when around them as they are very accepting people). His kids love me but he seems to never want my kids around. He was different when we first met as in he said he was a changed man from his past which has since caught up with him and stressing me out(I wasn’t going to date him due to hit past history if drug abuse). So now here I am due finding out he is sending his ex money behind my back(we have custody of their kids so she doesn’t need it for that), she has been in jail for stealing money from people via checks or their debit cards, is known to lie to get money for pills, or whatever, and he is telling me he has no money when he buying $200 worth of other bad stuff and I am buying groceries, I am not always over there because of what he did last summer while I was at church camp with his daughter and my son, I had to leave then too. It was pretty bad as I found out he was calling escorts but said he and his buddy were playing jokes, but I just couldn’t understand because he was professing to everyone else how christian he was especially on Facebook.I thought for sure he would never do something so…bad. He knew if I ever found out that is would devastate me. He, I guess, never thought I would find out but my gut feeling was going crazy. I instinctively knew something was wrong. He lied when I confronted him, but eventually came clean little by little.He went from lying to sorry to trying to minimize it, and he never would go to marriage counseling(after telling me he would)…it was like he said it and then when I would ask it was as if I were insulting him…anyways that is a little…