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Hello everyone I have just found out that my husband is having a baby with a woman he claimed he didn’t cheat on me with, him and his cousin were driving my car back in July of 2017 and ended up totaling my car and he had the girl in the car. Of course he called after 3 days of not coming home. He admitted to having this girl in my car and swore he did nothing with her. He just visited his cousins a couple of days ago and they told him she is going around saying she is pregnant by my husband. He wasn’t going to tell but he did because he drunk talking about how my kids are going to have a brother. Mind you we have 3 children of our own. Who he never wanted or helped take of them or even take me to the hospital when I went into labor. It’s been 8 months since the accident. So since he was drunk talking I confronted him the next day when he came out of work he said it’s true and I just lost it. I believed him when he said he didn’t sleep with but stupid of me to believe him right? I told him I want a divorce and he said why? Now he’s threatening to commit suicide once that baby is born. He’s treating me like ■■■■ and won’t talk to me. I am so hurt we have been a lot in these 11 years together our children are 9, 7, and 5. I just want to know why he would do this to me. I would give anything to have a nother child but I tied my tubes just to make him happy and now he’s having a child someone else. Please I need feed back.