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Just looking for a little advice… I’ve been with my wife for 2 years and we have a 3 year old daughter… we began dating in 8th grade 7 years ago. last Friday night she told me that she wants to separate to “clear her head and figure out who she is” and this Tuesday had me and my daughter move out. She said she needs time to clear her mind and that she feels like she missed years of her life. She doesn’t want to feel tied down and wants to have a life besides me and her daughter. She said she loves me and wants to be with me in the long run but right now she just wants to be best friends… we are still spending a decent amount of time together (for the time being at least) this weekend she invited me to a special holiday function both Saturday and Sunday. She still kisses and hugs me whenever she sees me. She says she still wants both of us to be big parts of our daughters life and will be together every holiday and event so she can spend time with both of us. She said that she has small feelings for one guy she works with but she doesn’t want any sort of serious relationship. She’s gotten after me in the past about keeping the house clean but other than that all of this seems so random. I know she is frustrated that she works and I can’t (due to a disability from a car accident) and that she has to make all the money and take care of chores when she gets home.