A woman emailed me to tell me my husband was cheating

My gut is in knots right now…have been working on healing our marriage after my husband cheated. He has been pretty good about calling me from work(land line) and letting me know if he is working late…calling to let me know that he is on his way home…etc…we still have our moments, but we are still working.

Here is why my gut is in knots…I received an email at work from a woman who says that my husband is seeing one of her girlfriends…with information and a link to this website. I do not know if it is real or not…I can’t say that I have known where my husband has been every second of the day because my job keeps me in doors and away from communication from 7:00 - about 5:00 M-F…his job allows him more freedom (which is how he pulled off the cheating the first time). I need to question him about it, but should I assume that the email is real or an attempt to get me to buy some type of service (Private investigator, lawyer…)?

I do not know what to do…he is at the gym right now and will be home in a little while…my gut feels the same as when his fling called me to tell me about the two of them…I want to vomit. Is this real? Should I flip out right now? Should I contact my lawyer to end the marriage because he can’t seem to stay home? I think I just threw up…I hate this feeling.

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The e-mail sounds a bit odd to me. I mean, did she give you any information at all besides the link to a website? If she can’t provide any personal information–girlfriend’s name, where she works, how they’ve been cheating, etc.–then I’d be suspicious of the e-mail.I’d suggest e-mailing the woman back with a request for a little more information. If it’s true and she’s e-mailing you for your own good, then she won’t mind saying a little more. If it’s not and she’s pushing something, then she’ll get indignant.

So, what if the woman who eMailed you is actually the one he’s cheating with, and she’s trying to tell you to prepare for divorce 'cause she’s going to take him from you…?A strange thought, I know, but based on what you said it sounds a little odd, doesn’t it?And, hey, just 'cause I’m paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get me!:slight_smile:

First, let me say I hope it isn’t true.Next, I’d say listen to your gut. If you think he really is cheating, don’t spill the beans that you received the email. Sit on it and do your homework. It’s better to know than wonder. At least it was for me. Good luck to you.


Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Protect yourself and get all your ducks in a row, even while attempting to walk things out. Hugs!


Work, not walk ):frowning: