A Spark or Chemistry

So…are these 2 elements exclusive of each other or a mixture??
I am sick and TIRED of women saying that they are looking for a SPARK in the relationship.
If you think about it a spark is like static electricity, a TAZER GUN or a lighting bolt…It FLASHES…you may feel it but it’s then GONE just a quick. In the case of lighting there is damage. WHO WANTS THAT???
Maybe that spark is good for a HOOK-UP…and a happy ending only is in the movies.

Chemistry I understand and have been on the giving and receiving end of it. I know getting it SUCKS but then again I may have been so invested at the start.

Ladies…I know that you came out of a partnership that ended bad. TRUST is weak. But you want to move on…just as I do. It just seems that I get the “NO SPARK” comment often…as an excuse.

To be blunt…I feel that at times I am behind the 8-ball from the start. I know we all protect our hearts…but if you are seeking a relationship NOT dating buddies, then make sure your HEART and HEAD are together on this.