A Note To The Other Woman

Looking back now, if I had only had the courage, I would have probably written a letter to the other woman, not that it would have done any good, but at least a chance for me to speak my peace about my husband and my marriage…here is what I would have written:

Dear Other Woman, Actually, the reason that I write to you is because I am trying to save my marriage, and because of you being in our lives, it is near-to-impossible to achieve. I don’t know what your’e thinking, and I don’t know where your’e coming from, but let me just tell you where I am coming from. I married this man, the one who you are seeing, to love, honor and cherish. I have been with him for a very long time. We have a family and it may not be important to you, but it is to me.

Maybe he’s telling you that I am a bad wife, or that he just can’t talk to me, but let me assure you, that we are supposed to be in this marriage for better or worse, thick or thin, and even in the times when we may have problems. His running to you only hurts what’s between us and makes it a three-ring circle, instead of a two-vowed by love and honor marriage.

I can tell you, that when he’s with you, he might be in his own little “heaven” but it’s not real. It’s not real life because you don’t have to deal with the dirty socks on the floor, paying our bills, or deciding what’s right for our children. Although you might not care or understand, I still love this man and I want to be able to work out our differences between us WITHOUT you being in the way. That would only be fair.

Honestly, how would you feel if you became a home-wrecker? You might be sitting there laughing, but one day, it may come back to haunt you. Please let me work out my problems with my husband first, and then if it doesn’t work out, you are free to have him. Just note: he does come with faults. He does have his own issues to work on, and lastly, he isn’t perfect!!


Here is my letter to the other woman(more like child 22 he’s 45 with three kids, one older then her

A Note to the OW…If you had any brains you’d understand that when someone is wearing a wedding ban, that means they are already taken. If you had any heart, you’d stop and think about all the pain you’re going to inflict on his family by listening to his sob stories, and actually believing them. If you had any soul, you would realize that all women should join together in remembering we share a sister-hood of some kind, and if you had any true love in your own life, you wouldn’t be going after someone elses. You didn’t get the prize, you only stole the leftovers. It’s like you feel you’re somewhat different than I in some way, or special to this man, but in reality, you’re just me 10 years ago. He doesn’t really love you, he’s just lacking his youth, or something in his life that was flawed. You are merely a fantasy that he holds dear, much like his fishing pole in the back of his closet. He uses you until he gets bored again, and back in the closet you go. My family will survive without him, as he might be much better off with someone like you who thinks stealing is okay, but his children will never be the same again due to your act of giving into your own needs over common sense. You might get the man, but you’ll never be quite sure if he’s with you because I threw him out, or if he really loved you as much as you claim. The one thing I know for sure is - if he cheated on me, he’ll cheat on you. Good luck with that…

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Dear Wife of the man that I fell in Love with.I never wanted to hurt you. He was honest with me when he told me he was married but that he felt there was something missing in his life. He told me that when he saw the kind of person I was he could not help but have feelings for me.I don’t know how our relationship started, it just did. I could not stop the emotional reaction I had to him. I could not deny the chemistry between us or the electric way that he makes me feel by just touching my hand.When he told me that he would ask you for a divorce and make an honest woman out of me I begged him not to. I never wanted you to shed a tear because I was weak when it came to loving him. I never wanted to look into your eyes and see anger, hurt, betrayal, and pain when you gazed back at me. I wished that there was a way to make you happy too… I \tried to find a way to make you happy, but i couldn’t so I settled for keeping your life the same as it had been. I regret that I might prevent your relationship with him from improving.I know your husband and I know he is not a bad person. He does not want you to be sad, but he does want to feel that love again, do you remember the love you two once had? When you were in college and you used to read text books on your beat up old couch while rubbing each other? Oh yes, he told me about those wonderful times. he misses them, but he said he tried to bring the feelings back and no matter how hard he tried, they wouldn’t come.I wish you would be my friend. I wish I could hold you now and tell you this will all be okay. I know you wouldn’t accept this from me, but please know my relationship with your husband was not started as a way to make you suffer. I wish you peace. I hope that you can accept me one day.Sincerely,The OW

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