17 year old who refuses to see her father everyother weekend

Hi my name is sarah and I am currently 17 years old, turning 18 Oct 28 of this year. Iv been visiting my father everyother weekend since I was 5 along with my brother since he was 3. Ever since I can remember my dad had man handeled me, and emotionaly abused me for years.

I have had child protective survices come to my house and my school ever since elementry school. Police have shown up at my dads house along with child protective survices and he refuses to answer the door. I dont feel safe at my dads house and I am always woundering what he is going to do next. He doesnt treat my brother this way, only me… I go everyother weekend and on most holidays.

My mom is entirely on my side about all this and has been for years, we just didnt know what to do. If someone saw the way my dad treats me you would understand… I feel like there is nothing I can do, and going down there every weekend being yelled at and pushed breaks me down. I feel hopeless. I need someone to help me. I will go to court and tell them everything, I will sign hat i have to sign and do what I have to do just to get away from him. SOmeone help me )":

Here’s another thing. Refuse to go. What’s he going to do, call the cops to MAKE you come to his house? I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that they won’t. Even if they show up at your door, you tell them that you will NOT go. The only thing abusive jerk dad can do is file a greivance with the court that you don’t want to be with him. And yes, call the battered womens hotline. Unfortunately, Spaz, our legal guru who is a JUDGE in CA is not available immediately, but Im going to forward this to her anyway. Hope she can help. You are 17, soon to be 18. DON’T GO. If HE comes to the house where you live, don’t open the door. If the dork dad tries to break into the house, call the cops. If he grabs you to force you to go with him, call the cops. If the manipulating little bas…sorry, getting angry here, but you catch the theme. CALL THE COPS. DON’T GO WITH HIM, DON’T GO TO HIS HOUSE. There is NOTHING he can do immediately, and it will then be brought to the attention of the court. Zen Hugs. You sound like you need some.

You don’t need our help. What you need to do is call a battered women’s hotline. You’re being pushed around (battered), and a seventeen-year-old is a young woman. You can find the number in the front fo the phone book.

Yes I am with JulieG get on a hotline ASAP I hope you already have I think they even have that posted somewhere on this site. Go to a local shelter they can help you! They should have counceling as well get some help…they can help you!MMB