10 reasons you should have custody of your children

I saw my attorney today. With less than a week till my divorce he told me to take the weekend and write down 10 reason’s I think I should have custody of my children. And after I was done with that list write down 10 reason’s my ex should not gain custody of my children. Then bring in the list on Tuesday morning to his office. I asked him if he was serious. He said absolutely. I told him I would save the tree and the trip and tell him now.

  1. my oldest is disabled

  2. my youngest is still a baby

  3. I teach my children both behaviorally and educationally

  4. I teach my children respect, responsibility, and ethics along with values and morals

  5. I take my children to church and give them the ability to have religion in their lives

  6. I get up with them everyday with a smile on my face and a smile on their’s

  7. I feed them, clothing them, give them their bathes, take them on play dates, take them to zoo’s, read them stories, play with them, sing with them, and pray with them.

  8. I get up every night when one or the other has nightmares and calm them down and tuck them back in.

  9. I could not imagine my life without them

  10. I tell them I love them all the time and give them kisses and hugs. Then I told him if that was not good enough it is because I am mommy and will always be mommy. I try every day to do what’s best for the three of us and always will. My life surrounds my children and no one could replace me in their eyes or their hearts and vice versa. I don’t just want my children I need them as much as they need me.

So, it has made me think the whole time home. Of every memory I have that is worth anything is because of or with my children. And now I ask all you to come up with your reasons and how you would have responded to the question. I was surely dumbfounded by it when I was asked.

There can be no greater force than a parents love. And everything on your list says you are a wonderful influence on them. I think that’s Awesome. But I’m curious. What do you suppose their dad’s list would have on it?Would it include, as mine does, that he tucks them in each night by throwing a sheet above them and letting it float down like a parachute as they pretend it’s a net about to trap them? Or tell them tales with dragons and knights, and bible stories.Would it describe how he has tickle fights and rubs his whiskers on them (chinning the kids would call it)?Would he talk about how he prepares them a home cooked meal at the table each night because he values dinner as a great bonding time?Or would he point out that he reads comic books with them on the weekends because it’s a great way to share time without something electronic taking up all their attention and helps develop their reading skills?Would he mention how he drew a giant space ship control panel on the underside of the bunk bed so they could play space ship together, or how they fight off aliens together under the kitchen table?

I have one reason for why I will have joint legal custody of my 17 & 18 year old boys, but stbx will have sole physical custody:My boys learned to be emotionally abusive toward me from their father.There’s no required visitation - I don’t see the point in being scowled at, ignored, or worse during a visit.

I just get the every other weekend and a dinner deal. My youngest, God bless her decided she wanted to help out at the church we go to. This weekend was to be her first Sunday in the Nursery helping out. Unfortunately this is my ex’s holiday year. The good news is that the ex told my kiddo that she will be able to help out. Who knows maybe my ex will stay for the celebration. Please don’t be to hard on your sons, they may just pull something that they learned as young ones from you and do something totally unexpected and different from the example there dad showed them. Keep loving them and be well.

I noticed you only answered half of the question I understand if the 10 reasons he shouldn’t have your children are better unsaid. But I’m not sure I could answer this question I can give 10 reasons my kids need to be with me. I also can think of 10 reasons they should be with there mother. I can could probably list 50 reasons neither of us should (I’m pretty tough on myself even though I’m told daily I’m a wonderful dad by random people) my point being we are both good parents and our 4 kids need us both or my children would be devistated. We have both have our own sets of flaws and were a crappy couple the last 3 years of our marraige but we both love our kids and go above and beyond for them.