Oh Solo Mio: Newly Divorced?

Oh Solo Mio: Newly Divorced?

Need Ideas On Starting Over? Try These Seven Tips

While movies and magazines can make flying solo sound like some kind of terminal illness, the truth is, spending time on your own is often a great way to rediscover the one person who has been there for you through it all — you! After the divorce is final, here are seven things to do to start recreating the life you always wanted.

1. Browse the Book Aisles.

Head over to your local book store, order a frothy cappuccino or creamy hot chocolate, and wander from section to section. Check out new ways to redecorate your pad in the design section, visit faraway locales in the travel section or mosey on over to the classics to catch up on old favorites.

2. Unleash Your Inner Artist.

Pop into your local paint-it-yourself store and spend a day nurturing your inner Van Gogh. Most locations offer a wide variety of ceramic ware to choose from and most include paint, stencils, brushes and firing in the price. Color Me Mine is a national chain with locations all over the country. Or schedule a Paint Nite session with a group of friends.

3. Take Yourself on a Picnic.

Pack yourself a gourmet lunch and grab a blanket and your favorite book (or a stack of magazines) for an afternoon spent under the shadiest tree you can find.

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4. Host A Movie Marathon.

Is there anything more comforting than an evening in your favorite pajamas, curled up on your couch, watching something that makes you laugh, cry, or think? Load up on your favorite treats and pick out two or three movies with a running theme. Our pick for the ladies: Feisty Women (Barefoot Contessa starring Ava Gardner, All About Eve with Bette Davis and A Streetcar Named Desire with Vivian Leigh).

5. Teach Yourself Something New.

Twist your tongue into something saucy with at-home French, Italian, or Spanish lessons or turn up the heat by closing those shades and learning some sultry new Salsa moves on DVD.

6. Get Moving!

Lose the “No Pain, No Gain” ideology and give yourself a chance to enjoy recess at the gym, in the park or around the block. Take a long walk around town, get on the treadmill or elliptical for a half an hour, or hop on your bike and discover a new trail. Not only will you release feel-good endorphins but you will be giving yourself the gift of health.

7. Start Blogging.

Log onto WordPress or Blogger.com and create a site where you can share your passion for food, poetry, or your favorite travel spots with friends and readers from all over the world.

Cheers to creating a more wonderful you!

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