Feng Shui: Getting a Job after Divorce

Feng Shui: Getting a Job after Divorce

About Jobs: Will Putting a Fountain at my Door Help Me Find a Job after Split?

Q: After having been out of the job market for a while, I’m now needing to re-start my career post-divorce. I’ve read that putting a fountain at the front door will help me get a job.This sounds like superstition to me. Does this help and why?

A: Well “” it does sound like superstition, but it’s based on some sound psychological concepts. The practice of Feng Shui uses the conscious placement of items in our environments to symbolize our commitment to the intentions we set. Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, also recognized the power of the psychological-feedback-loop that is created when we repeatedly see things that remind us of an event, emotion or intention associated with them.It’s a little like tying a string around your finger to remind you to do something.

So what does this have to do with fountains and front doors?In Feng Shui, the architectural front door placed more-or-less in the central position is symbolically associated with the both the Life Domain of career and the element of water. In ancient Asia, water was necessary not only to sustain life but to raise crops which represented livelihood and opportunity.

Therefore, consciously placing a fountain at the front door serves as a positive reminder that opportunity and livelihood flow to us.This consistent reinforcement of our goal helps keep us on track and focused energetically on our choices.Since the aim is also to keep our attitude and energy positive, be sure to listen to the fountain before you purchase it! Some water sounds are relaxing and happy, while others can make you down-right cranky.

One more thing: position the fountain so that it flows in the direction of the house and not away from the house.The idea is for resources to flow toward you, as opposed to flowing out the front door.While a fountain is not a substitute for a well-written resume, it absolutely can support you in your goal to re-enter the work force.

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