Are You The One Who Wanted It To Work?

Are You The One Who Wanted It To Work?

3 Must Do’s + 2 Don’ts That Can Help You Today

Are you about to be dumped? Your mate/date is losing interest? The signs are: lack of attention in conversation and being together; irritability — refusal to talk about it, no sex or less interest. Here’s what to do if you ARE dumped.

1. DO put it in perspective:

If you’re dumped, it hurts, but count your lucky stars. You don’t have a relationship if the other person’s not really interested.

2. DO understand that there were problems already:

It’s never easy to find out that your relationship, long or short, is over.Once bonded, even if the relationship is terrible, both men and women have trouble breaking away.So if you’re dumped, the other person really wanted out.

3. DON’T idealize a bad relationship:

In counseling people who got dumped, every client realized the warning signs that were ignored early in the relationship.Don’t pick out the few good moments you remember and ignore what wasn’t working.

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4. DO try to learn from the experience:

After the initial upset, review the dynamics of the relationship and analyze what went wrong, what you could have done differently, and what you learned.There’s no need to give yourself a hard time about it, just process the information, so you don’t repeat mistakes.

5. DON’T expect closure from the dumper:

It is lovely when two civilized grown-ups can dissect what happened in the relationship, tell the truth, ask for forgiveness and absolve each other. But this usually happens years later.Closure requires getting truthful answers to your questions about what happened– to understand why.After a breakup, both of you are upset, hurt, and guilty and probably won’t be telling the truth, even if you understand it.Neither of you really wants to hear the truth this soon.Longing to talk “just once more” to your ex is just asking for pain.

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