A Conversation With Kerri Zane

A Conversation With Kerri Zane

Kerri Zane is an Emmy award winning, twenty-year television executive producer, healthy living expert, single mom advisor, speaker, spokesperson and author. Wevorce caught up with this busy single mom lifestyle expert to interview her about her book, “It Takes All 5: A Single Mom’s Guide to Finding the REAL One,” Morgan James Publishing (November 1, 2012).

What was the inspiration that made you write a book specifically for single moms?

When I was going through my divorce I felt very alone and afraid. There were not a lot of resources out there for me. I wanted to other single moms to know they were not in it alone, others had gone before them and they could reach out if need be.

What are the primary issues faced by single moms today that you talk about?

The primary issues single moms deal with is time-juggling all the responsibilities, money-supporting themselves and their children and how and when is the best time to date.

There is also a misconception of who a single mom is. There is this stereotype that we are all welfare moms. Not so!

Can you tell us briefly, what the five are in your title and their importance?

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Sure. The book is broken down into three sections: healing the inside, healing the outside, and how to move on in life, each in five steps. And there is my five-finger philosophy for finding your REAL One. This is rediscovering yourself along with finding a new life partner.

Have you found the real one?

Yes. I feel really complete in who I am and how I present myself in the world. I also have a very lovely man in my life.

What impact do you hope your book will have on single moms?

Most importantly my wish for single moms is to “Live your happily even after.” In other words, regardless of how life unfolds it’s about enjoying the journey.

What did you learn about yourself writing the book?

The book was very cathartic for me. I was able to release a lot in my writing. I also found strength and courage in speaking with the hundreds of other single moms I interviewed. I also found the research and science for behaviors very impactful and enlightening.

Since its publication, what has surprised you most?

I think what’s delighted me the most is the positive impact the book has had on people’s lives. You never know how your work is going to be received and when it does what you intended it to do it’s very gratifying.

What was your biggest challenge in writing this book?

The book took me three years to write. I thought I was going to be able to finish it in four months!

Tell us a couple of things about yourself that isn’t reflected in the professional person we see on your cover, read in your bio, or see in social media.

Hmm. Okay. Very good question.

I would say that I face doubt and fear at least once a week. Usually on Tuesday.

Since my dad passed on I spend quite a bit of time juggling my mom’s needs into the mix of everything else I do on a daily basis. I don’t talk about it much, but being a single mom and part of the sandwich generation has its own unique challenges.

I would like to create more space and time in my life to read my favorite chicklit books.

Is there going to be another book? What’s in your future?

I am currently creating online courses and a workbook to companion the book. I have several completed already but will have 30 courses by the end of this year. The courses are designed specifically for the busy single mom. They are short 20 to 30 minute mp3’s with writing assignments to be worked on when she has the time. They cover everything from facing fears, to finances and dipping back into the dating pool.

If you want to learn more about author Kerri Zane, visit her at www.kerrizane.com. You can also read her guest post “Being A Single Mom On Valentine’s Day” on weLife.

Thank you, Kerri, for taking the time to share a little about your book and life with us.

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