5 Simple Steps: Remarriage 101

5 Simple Steps: Remarriage 101

From Money to Sex, Five Tips to Consider before You Get Married Again

If you’re like many couples, you’ve probably given more thought to your wedding ceremony and reception than what comes after your the big day: the marriage itself. However, if you are remarrying, you likely well know — from experience — that you and your soon-to-be spouse should work on the marriage before saying ‘I do.’ Here are a few reminders to ensure your second time around goes smoothly:

1. Talk about the big stuff.

Don’t assume that because you’re in love everything will work out. You’re individuals with different likes and dislikes. Talk about them now.

2.Know your financial goals.

Learn how to handle your finances before they take over your marriage.

3. Don’t ignore sex.

Many of us don’t like to talk about sex, but it’s an important part of marriage. Be frank with your partner about what you want, but don’t be critical about your partner’s performance.

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4. Talk about kids.

If you haven’t talked about children, it’s time. Your biological clock may be ticking. Find out where you stand on the issue.

5. Focus on your partner.

You’d love your future husband to look like Will Smith or your future wife to look like JenniferLopez. But the real questions are these: Can you can trust him or her? Does he or she respect you? Do you have common interests? Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly. Then you’ll know whether he or she is the one.

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